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We’re a donation-run community of yoga teachers, students, artists, activists, musicians, cooks, travellers, sanskritists, writers, walk-ins and drop-outs with a passion for India’s yogic history and a desire to see it taught straight.

The Sanskrit Breakfast Club is all about dialogue between philosophy and practice, Yoga and yogi, professional academics and local practitioners. We’re driven by things we really believe in: that India’s vast yogic, tantric, and philosophical heritage is of contemporary relevance; that historically accurate and up-to-date information should be valued and can be easily accessible to all people; and that the abstract separation of study from experience – or knowledge from practice, mind from body, reason from emotion, svadhyaya from asana – has been taken too far too long. We’re stronger together than apart, so it’s time to get talking and make our practices intelligent, our learning practical, and straighten out a thing or two about yoga’s historical and tantric background while we’re at it.

“I have been teaching yoga for 15 years and have studied ayurveda and yoga philosophy in Australia and India. I met Stephanie Majcher in 2014 and began attending the Sanskrit Breakfast Club. Every time when we meet, Stephanie shares her knowledge of the Sanskrit language, the cultural context of the Vedas, rituals, customs and history of India from the origins of society to today. Each class has given me deep insights which are revealed by the background of the texts. In our discussions, my mind regularly explodes as the realisations unfold as we tap into the vastness of meaning of the yogic texts. Stephanie is a natural story-teller and conveys the hidden yogic wisdom with generosity, clarity and humour. Highly recommended for anyone interested in eastern philosophy.”